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Physiological bases of flexibility

Scientific approach to extensions and flexibility: how to stretch correctly and get the result without injuries

Physiological bases of flexibility

Saturday, the 19th of March, 2016 from 2 pm till 6 pm 

Strongly recommended if you have:

- the enslaved joints,

- bad flexibility,

- injuries and pain after extension,

- regular training without wanted result,

- intensive loads for athletes in a crossfit, gym etc.,

- to be correctly stretched.

This training will be useful for:

- Fitness instructors, functional training trainers, aerobics, stretching, crossfit, etc.

- Dancers and choreographers of Pole Dance, strip plastic, oriental, national and other dance directions for children and adult.

- Yoga instructors. - Instructors of oriental martial arts.

- Teachers of physical culture, gymnastics

- Everyone who are planning to be trained independently and competently work out the body.

- And also for advanced trainers who are planning to become professional instructors.

Work-shop program

1. What is it a flexibility? What is it an extension? 2. Where is the limit at flexibility? Limit of an extension. How to control it? 3. Types of joints. Anatomic mobility of joints. 4. Problem of hyper (high) mobility of joints. 5. Types of muscular tissue and types of reductions. 6. Reflexology. Scientific knowledge that could open the success secrets. 7. Injury prevention and safety.

4 hours of theory and intensive practice

You will get knowledge which you can use in your next practices.

1. Physiological base of flexibility How easily to get desirable flexibility when you know the base of anatomy and physiology. How it is to work easily and safely, when you know biomechanics of movements and Asanas.

2. Types of joints and anatomic mobility You will get acquainted with the main groups of joints and you will see how it is easy to involve into practice different types and directions of movements, without injuring joints and muscles.

3. Space for a joints. Injury prevention and efficiency in action

4. Difference between progress of flexibility and an extension What we are pulling and how we are moving. What it is good, and what is bad.

5. Reflexology Tricks of a body, workout laws, and nervous system. How to get the result do you want to.

6. Long or short muscle, hyper tone or hypodynamia Muscles are in a different initial state. You will learn to define there is a muscle and in what state it is, what technique or action you can use to get wanted result.

7. Biomechanics of some exercises, changes in them and competent creation of a lesson Here we will investigate work of joints, muscles on the example of inclinations, with using new knowledge. And also we will learn how to competently and accurately correct each other.

*****The Five things that you need to get in: a pen, a note, a sport cloth, clean mind, and attention. At the end of seminar you will get the certificate.


Base ticket - 1,900 THB

TTC student special price – 1,500 THB


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