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Школа йоги в гамаках / Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

F&Y-logo_Color_New_1Школа "Йога и функциональный тренинг в гамаках" Базовый курс

18 - 19 марта  Пхукет, Тайланд 

 Обучение будет проводиться на двух языках (английском и русском). Программу на русском языке читать здесь


Teacher Training Course for advanced and intermediate

17th - 19th of March, Phuket, Thailand

The program of TTC is based on author course by Maria Sorokina.

Healthy Body - it is combination of three stages: Flexibility + Power + Coordination.

General principle is based on the next definitions: 1. The person is a system which moves, reacts, fades, flows, breathes etc. 2. The Hatha yoga is an improvement of the person through the body. 3. And a one of systems of a body is a musculoskeletal structure.

And if we want to develop a right body, we have to learn: - To move, for this purpose it is necessary to find, realize muscles and reasonably to learn how to use them, tounderstand how different muscles interact between themselves; - To lean on bones, it means to build poses most effectively, without excess expenses of energy.

We teach how to use the principles and yoga tools and how to involve the Hammock in you exercises practice. And how to achieve your aims and to make practice approach in yogatherapy.

There is everything in yoga, perhaps you can say: What does this exercise tool (hammock) can give so special?

Lets see to the history.

People always used an extra yoga tools at the advanced schools of yoga in the southern states of India: the soft fabrics suspended to trees, columns with the hanging-down fabric strips. These extra props allowed the advanced users to come to a new level, to reach new aims, to pass by through new physical and emotional feelings, to find and glance for new borders of the impossible things. The fabric was used as an extra device during therapy of a backbone at some schools. This technique was successfully borrowed and improved by teacher of BKS Ayengar: to use subscales as props (things allowing to help practice and to improve it). From this point the Hammock it is the highest effective yoga prop.

So, what way that yoga props are making so good result?

1) First of all this is the good assistant in therapeutic tasks, in a yoga therapy - supports a body, removing excessive pressure from joints; - if you have an extra weight or bad flexibility, yoga hammock can help you make exercises without any power load, gently wrapped you by fabric take off power load and extra weight on itself; - while you are hanging inversed the Earth starts help you too, well if to be correct the gravity of the Earth starts help you! For disable people and for beginners it gives a great result, to reach aim in a short time. Also it allows you to move effectively in further!

2) When you are inverted in some exercises, the advanced students find it quite difficult. When you have unsteady support your body needs an ideal work of muscles and stabilizer. Because the motive muscles and muscles stabilizers are different system which works under different laws.

3) Of course the main feature of hammock is inversions poses: you can effectively impact on backbones extension just pull your body on base bone.

4) Props allow increasing efficiency of various extensions, to create unique programs of stretching and not only passive, but also extensions of flexible power, allows using effectively the PIR method, without any help.

5) The program of flexibility and coordination, effective training for yoga fans and professionals, for athletes, for people who like snowboard, skiing, swimming.

6) It is very well suits for children yoga. Children like to play and swing. But they are badly coordinate. The attention is not concentrated. There is no sensibleness of muscles. In these programs the hammock is the most suitable (like the right hand of the instructor). Children very quickly increases attention, fortress of muscles, fears off and it is all just when they learning to sit and stand in hammock, thanks to a sensibleness and muscle memory. Kids take part in such yoga lessons with great pleasure.

The training is intended for:

- For yoga instructors, fitness, functional training (Core, Bosu, Deck, medical balls, etc.), aerobics; - For instructors of oriental martial arts; - For teachers of physical culture, gymnastics;

- For everybody, who are planning to train at home and play with children;

- And also for advanced students planning to become professional instructors.

Prigram of course:

Theory part

1. History of Air practice and aerial yoga in common. 2. Devices of yoga hammock, types of hammocks. 3. Rules of work, additional features. 4. Methodology of teaching and building the lesson (methods, principles, styles, directions). 5. Teaching psychology (maintaining for itself, support, work with fears, dizziness etc) 6. Technology of the creation of trainings (purpose and tasks, tools) 7. Types of trainings, height of a hammock and levels of complexity. 8. General benefits and contraindications

Practice part

1. Concept of functional training and yoga in Hammocks. 2. Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in practice of work with this yoga prop. 3. Basic presentation (completed lesson and music). 4. Base for beginners and therapy (with a special bonus - 2 completed lessons). 5. Asanas and exercises by categories and levels of complexity. Technical points and tricks. 6. Benefits and contraindications according to the types of asanas and exercises. 7. Height of hammocks: HIGH, LOW and MEDIUM hammock. 8. Safety rules, insurance and adjustments. 9. POWER YOGA. 10. Special reflex massage. 11. Questions / answers.

*****The Five things that you need to get in: a pen, a sport cloth, water, clean mind, and attention.

It is strongly recommended to wear a T-shirt with covered shoulders. Also it is good to wear a capri pants or leggings. It will help to avoid an unnecessary chafing or abrasion of the skin.

At the end of training you will get the certificate and registration!

The duration of the training – 3 days 17th – 19th of March, 2016Sertificate_new_ExE_1

Thursday, the 17th of March, 2016 from 9 am till 6 pm

Friday, the 18th of March, 2016 from 9 am till 7 pm

Saturday, the 19th of March, 2016 from 9 am till 1pm

PHUKET RAW FITNESS 90/8 Moo 1 Naiharn Beach Road, Phuket, Thailand 83130


Before the 1st of March – 8,600 THB

After the 1st of March – 9,200 THB

P1110314The Instructor-Trainer of course

Maria Sorokina, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Founder of the school Yoga and Functional air training. Also she is the methodologist of the AGYoga company – the developer of aerial yoga hammocks AirSwing. She has been inventing exercises and programs for yoga hammocks and also methods of using hammocks in yoga practice and yoga therapy, stretching programs, fitness and functional trainings since 2012. She gives seminars in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. She has been the teacher of fitness since 1998, the teacher of Belly Dance since 2002. Has been practice yoga since 2000.

Additional courses and studies she has done:

- Specialized courses at the Ambulance paramedics; - The specialized courses Academy of Sport and Tourism as the instructor of physical training; - Federation of Fitness and Aerobics in Almaty as the instructor of aerobics; - Instructor course A. Paws, St. Petersburg, 2010; - The school of yoga instructors The Petersburg school of yoga Stream of wanderings (2010-2011 academic year); - The school of Elena and Vyacheslav Smirnov, Kiev, Ukraine, 2015.

Takes action as participant of the international and regional seminars, conventions, advanced training courses, master classes: World Class (Moscow), Belly Dance, Ashtanga Vinyasa of the Yogi, Yogi Ayengar, Hatha yogi, classes Ball Mukund Singh. Student of Institute of Traditional systems of improvement S. Agapkina, course Yoga therapy .

The official representative of The Petersburg yoga school A stream of wanderings and the AGYoga Company in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


• Expands possibilities of human consciousness and a body by means of the innovative prop. • Occupations in 3D – space – get the wings! Fall into the Magic world of the childhood! • For those who strives for harmony of a physical and emotional component of trainings. • For those who want to get the most benefit from physical activity. • Innovative technologies of therapy, rehabilitation, restoration of a backbone, mobility of joints, weight reduction. • Expand the higher abilities for athletes • The exercise prop for children – pleasure for all family.

You will immerse into the world of Aerial hammocks. You will feel the influence on your body of anti-gravitational power of training, feeling of flight in space.

Also you will know: - How to fix problems with pains and discomfort in a backbone with the help of hammock. - That the most effective extension of a backbone it is only suspension the body by headfirst for pelvic bones - How to do less, to get more! - Quickly and easily get back a tone to muscles of a whole body. - To work out all muscles stabilizer just for 15 minutes, being trained just for 2 times a week. - and many, many other tricky and useful things...


Attention! The number of students is limited by the number of the hammocks.

Send to us the massage by:

Line, Viber, WhatsApp: +66 90 160 37 09

E-mail: info@agyoga.asia


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